New Year, New Additions

I am delighted to announce that two new resources have been added to the Archive web site today. A new ‘Oral History’ with an interview of long time Austin 7 stalwart, Ian Dunford..

Ian Dunford

and a completely new section for films, some you may have seen before and some, certainly for me, new…


My, indeed our, thanks go to Nick Turley for his hard work on both these topics. The amount of work should not be under-estimated. As ever, our talented Web Master, Chris Charles has done sterling work in making these available.. Our thanks must also go to Ron Hayhurst who brought the collection of films to our attention and his pal, Graham Waldren, who donated the films to the Archive.

There are more resources to be looked forward to in the coming weeks and months. The Russell Curtis collection of Brochures and other ephemera has been digitised and is now being formally catalogued – part of the necessary process before publishing on the web. We have other material we are also working on which we hope will make significant addition to the already published materials.

If you have not already done so, can I encourage you to sign up for the electronic newsletter the Project issues from time to time, to give you more news and background of the Project as it happens..

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Best Wishes..