Archive Updates – May 2021

I am pleased to announce that more work has been carried out on the Archive web site of late and some new and revised resources are now available.

First and foremost, a completely new addition to the site is a section dedicated to Harold Biggs. One time Secretary of the 750mc during its formative years and someone embedded in motorsport of the era. He was a compulsive note taker so, along with his photographs, we have his record of work he carried out on his Austin 7 and a diary he kept of his motoring observations in 1938 and 1939.  

I am indebted to Stuart Ulph who gave a significant amount of his time and encyclopaedic knowledge of motorsport to provide the descriptions to the photos.

Secondly, a completely new section has been added to the site named ‘Ephemera‘. Initially, many of these resources were bundled up in the ‘Brochures’ section, but as we have added new materials, it has become apparent that the 2 collections needed to be split. In future, Brochures will contain Austin Brochures that carry a publication number, Ephemera will contain other paper based materials that are not so easy to classify. They will contain overseas brochures, publications by other manufacturers who provided components to Austin, letters etc etc..

As ever, the web site is a continually evolving resource.

With this release completed, I am now able to get on with the revision of the Engineering Drawings with the publication of the new, higher quality, images. This will include some new material that has be acquired over the past few months. Hopefully, I will be able to announce that very soon…

Hugh Barnes
A7CA Archivist
May 2021