Technical Drawings

The origins of the collection were a series of drawings given to the Association by Stanley Edge, the young man picked out of the Longbridge drawing office by Herbert Austin to aid him in the original design of the Austin 7. As you will see, we still have some of those original drawings done by Stan at the time with annotations by Herbert Austin. The collection has grown over the years and, although far from a complete collection of drawings that relate to the car, they give remarkable insight into the detailed design of some of the components. As well as Stan’s original drawings, we have drawings of the Jameison Twin Cam engine, reputed to have been drawn by Jameison himself.

As published as I write this, some of the images come from an earlier time where reproduction techniques were not quite as sophisticated as those we have access to now. Over the coming weeks and months, those images that are not to the standard we would like will be re-imaged and the originals replaced.

HB 23.8.2020

Frame Assembly Drawing; 1936

Paper print from tracing; Frame Assembly Drawing; =TD15
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