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The Association has been lucky to have been loaned original, period paint cards produced by the ‘Belco’ paint company who provided paints specifically for the Austin Motor Company. The cards cover all Austin models from 7 to 20hp and come complete with details of lining colours and ‘reveals’. It is interesting to note that the number of cards in the 1936 set is 32 whereas the 1939 set has shrunk to 8. An earlier set that is known of (dated 1932) is rumoured to have 65 cards in it, so the colour ranges clearly diminish over the years.
The Archive Project would be interested to hear of any other resources that people have that would enhance the information that we already hold..

4D-Brown 1936

Brown (2847484), Black top (284070), Light Brown band and reveals (2847485), Straw fine lines (2887249). 20HP Ranelagh Limousine (New Type). Note. This card seems not to be from the 1936 set. It is not dated as such (no date is given) and the numbering of paints is not used elsewhere. It seems earlier and I wonder whether there is a match for this in the early set held by the A10DC?
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