Handbooks and Parts Lists

Over a number of years the archive has collected Handbooks and Parts Lists from 1922 to 1939. The current collection has been digitised and can be found below through the red links.

The tables below show all the known publications from the Austin Motor Company, if you have one which is currently not available to download please get in contact to discuss donation or loaning for digitisation.

TOURER A & B Body, Scoop Scuttle, Pram Hood

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1922 Late 352 1st 353 1st
1923 Early 352a 2nd 353a 2nd
Mid 352b 3rd 353b 3rd
Late 352c 4th 353c 4th
1924 Early 352d 5th
Early 352e 6th
Mid 353d 5th


TOURER C Body – Pram Hood

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1924 Mid 352f 7th
Late 352g 8th 353e 6th
1925 Early 352h 9th 353f 7th
Mid 352i 10th 353g 8th
Late 352j 11th 353h 9th
1926 Early 352k 12th 353i 10th


Tourer AD Body – Mag Engine

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1926 Mid 352l 13th
Mid 352m 14th
Late 353j Supp 11th Car Nos A1-2-3
1927 Early 353k 11th Car Nos A1-2-3-4 CHA1
Jan 352n 15th
Feb 352p 15th
Feb 352q 15th
Mid 353l 12th Car Nos A1-2-3-4 CHA1
Sep 352r 16th
Nov 353m 13th Car Nos A1-2-3-4-5 CHA1
1928 Feb 619 17th
Mar 353n 14th Car Nos A1-2-3-4-5 CHA1
May 619a 18th
Jul 353p 14th Car Nos A1-2-3-4-5-6 CHA1


Tourer AD Body – Coil Engine

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1928 Oct 619b Supp 19th
1929 Jan 670 15th A7-1600 onwards
Mar 619c 20th
May 670a 16th Ch 84001 onwards
Aug 619d 20th
Nov 670b 16th Ch 89501 onwards
Dec 715 21st
1930 May 715a 22nd
Jun 670c 17th Ch 112000 onwards
1931 Jan 715b 22nd 670d 17th Ch 112000 onwards
670e 17th
May 715c 22nd
Jun 670f 17th Ch 135000 onwards


Saloon RN Body

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1931 Nov 715d 22nd
715e 22nd
1932 June 715F 22nd 888 Supp 18th Ch 144000 onwards


Saloon RP Body

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1932 Nov 972 23rd 888a 18th Ch 165000 onwards
1933 Mar 1163 WO contract 36 + 110 cars
Apr 888b 19th
May 972a Supp 24th
May 972b 24th
Aug 1029 19th Ch 176700 onwards
Oct 972c 25th
Nov 1029a 20th Ch 180000 onwards
Late 1169 Sports 2-seater
Late Willys Overland Crossley
1934 Jan 1095 26th
Jun 1095a 27th
Jul 1029b 20th Ch 180000 onwards


Saloon Ruby – 2 bearing engine

Year Month Handbook Edition Parts List Edition Notes
1934 Aug 1182 28th
1029c 21st
Nov 1218 22nd Ch 201514 onwards
Dec 1182a 29th
1935 Mar 1182b 30th 1218a 23rd Ch 216701 onwards
Jul 1281a Marine/Pump
Sep 1316 31st
WO contracts 223+253 cars
Nov 1316a 31st
Dec 1218b 24th Ch 227909 onwards
1936 Jan 1183a Thetis marine
May 1400
May 1400a
Jun 1406 Ch 244400 onwards
Jun 1395 WO contract


Saloon Ruby – 3 bearing engine

Year Month Handbook   Parts List   Notes
1936 Jul 1406a Ch 247800 onwards
Aug 1400b
Sep 1400b 1406b Ch 249701 onwards
Nov 1400c Supp 1406c Ch 256806 onwards
1937 Jan 1406NS Nippy 257842 on
Apr 1400d Supp 1406d Ch 268000 onwards
Apr 1521 Body parts 249701 on
Lindblads Stockholm Sweden
Portugal (2 issues)
Jul 1281a Thetis marine
1938 Mar 1400f Supp
Oct 1586 Ch 277000 onwards


Full Girling Rod Brakes

Year Month Handbook   Parts List   Notes
1938 Sep 1725
Oct 1586a Ch 287000 onwards


Big Seven

Year Month Handbook   Parts List   Notes
1937 Jul 1523
Oct 1523a
Dec 1598
1938 Feb 1523b
Mar 1385b 1598a Light Cars
Mar 1648 Body Type CRV
Jun 1523c
Jun 1675 Fire Pump Engine
Sep 1523d
Oct 1598b
Dec 1745 Body Type CRV CRW
Dec 1707 Fire Pump Spare Parts


Post – WW2

Year Month Handbook Notes
1944 2230 Light Cars inc Seven
1946 Jan 185 New Ruby onwards
1950 Mar 2230h Light cars inc Seven
1950 Sept 777 Full Range
1951 Aug 2230k Light cars inc Seven
1954 May 843/B 7s-28s range


Oiling Charts

(not dated until 1937 so detail changes approximate)
Year Month Notes
1926 Mid 406e
1926 Late 621
1928 Late 667
1929 685 705
1931 904
1932 947 947a947b
1934 Late 1097c


1330b 1330c

1937 Jul 1330d
1938 Apr




Nicholson – book of the Austin Seven

Year Edition
1927 1st
1929 2nd
1931 3rd
1933 4th
1937 5th
1937 6th
1947 Reprint