New Additions – Nov 2020

I am delighted to report that some more items have been added to the Archive web site this week.

First, is the Lou Kings family photo collection. Lou had a long career with Austin, reported as being the second person to drive an Austin 7 after Herbert. He already had a well established career as a racing driver behind the wheel of an Austin 20. A review of the resources will give further insight into his career. Our thanks go to the Lou Kings family for the loan of the items.

Three new films have also been published. Sam’s Investment, a wonderful monologue by Stanley Holloway, Nature’s Charms, a film extolling the virtues of the Austin model range (including some spectacular Plus 4s) and This Progress, which replaces some ‘orphaned’ sections of the film that we had previously published. Now the full film has been located, those extracts have been retired. The new films are easily identified as they are marked with a red ‘flash’ stating ‘New’. These 3 films are published by kind permission of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust at the Gaydon Museum, to whom go our grateful thanks.

It should be pointed out that these 3 films, for copyright reasons, will not be shown as part of the series on TalkingPicturesTV. The Archive web site is the only place that these films can be seen.

The higher quality images of the Engineering drawings are now available and the replacement of the previous images is work in hand.

A7CA Archivist