Speedex – Where are they now?

Only a fraction of the bodies and special parts have survived through to the present time. The ‘thing’ to do with old cars in the 70’s and 80’s was to restore them to an original condition. Specials were often looked down on and just regarded as a source of spares. Many good or re-buildable specials were probably broken up. I remember that modified, tuned or special parts were very cheap to buy then – I wish I’d snapped up more at the time!

This page is recalling cars that previous owners remember, they may eventually be found in some barn or shed? Some of these cars may still be around but have been re-registered, these older registration plates can be quite lucrative in the registration market.

If you have any memories of a SPEEDEX, the parts, the SPEEDEX company or the characters involved please let it be recorded here. Drop me a line on;

speedexa7 ‘at’ btopenworld.com

BNM 369

Jem Marsh’s 1959 Goodacre winning 750. Sold in 1960 to Tunbridge Wells dentist Richard Eade who competed in it from 1961 into 1963 when it was sold to a butcher or a Mr Butcher. Anybody know any further history of this famous car?


VJ 9343

Prototype 750 with a curved tail in a picture taken from an early SPEEDEX sales brochure.

750 HTM

A Sirocco seen in Stirling owned by a ‘Mr Ferguson’ in 1988 but hasn’t surfaced again, originally built as the ‘750 Highly Tuned Motor’ by Clive Skilton – is it still out there? Can anyone work out where this was/is from the road sign in the background? It seems to indicate Town Centre (Stirling?) to the left B8052 and Edinburgh and Glasgow to the right also B8052.


JU 8924, CMK 733, ACR 456, 3027 JH, BOA 225, AWP 127, DY 9939, WD 6877

750’s recalled by previous owners or seen in photographs from the ‘60’s

AUO 290, a Silverstone seen being rebuilt in the late ‘80’s. It must be still around, has it been reregistered?

DV 7133

Jem’s second (?) special the ’Marshtin’. This is the car that was used widely until the Speedex 750 racing car was built. It was the car used in the ‘Hollywood Motor Maniacs and European Motor Rodeo’, driving over and off a moving ramp didn’t do the front suspension any good—it was re-straightened a number of times!

UAR 600 A 750 built by Pat Kimber. Used as everyday transport for 10,000 miles before selling minus the highly tuned engine and close ratio gearbox, where is it now?


DYY 354 The registration of the cutaway drawing car incorrectly described as Jem’s Goodacre winning car. Pictures of Jem’s championship winning car in action show it as BNM 369, why does the drawing have a different registration? A picture in the 750MC Bulletin shows DYY 354 racing. It looks remarkably similar to the 750 used in many of the adverts. DYY 354 is thought to be the ‘factory demonstrator’, probably one of the first to be assembled? Is it still around?




756 ENM

The prototype Sirocco built by Peter Hammond—the cars designer. This is the only picture I’ve seen of what I presume are SPEEDEX Ford wheels? Sold to a Mr Raper of Luton in 1963, is it still tucked away somewhere?

CXR 307

A Silverstone raced by a Mr Yearsley in the 750 Formula from 1961 to 1963

JA 2103

Built using the Wilkes 1958 Goodacre trophy winning car as a basis and competitively raced by Brian Small in 1961. It was sold to Robin ‘Nobby’ Westcott and competed in 1962 and winning the Goodacre in 1963. The car is believed to be ‘retired’ somewhere in Oxfordshire.