Welcome to SPEEDEX web site I hope you are interested in these cars built in the UK as ‘specials’ in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s based on Austin Seven and Ford Ten components. Whilst there is much information and history covering the standard models, this site is targeted at displaying and sharing information on these specials providing a focal point for owners.

The site also tries to cover the technical aspects specific to all A7 specials through the ‘Special Builders Guide pages’ not covered in other places as well as the standard models.

Speedex 750

Speedex Silverstone


Speedex Sirocco

Speedex Spree Kart

Thirty six 750’s, fourteen Silverstone’s and three Sirocco’s have survived to the current day in various conditions, specifications and forms. More seem to pop up in an unending stream, there are probably still more out there awaiting discovery and a fresh enthusiastic new owner to use them for what they’re intended for – the pleasure of building and working on them as well as driving. The SPEEDEX Information Exchange is a collection of the details of surviving cars, special SPEEDEX parts, old photos, much more than on this site, and can be used by the owners to keep in touch with each other sharing and helping with problems, parts etc. Unlike some other clubs and registers, this one costs nothing and all those involved know about all the others. If you have a SPEEDEX that is not registered why not pass on the details, it can be done over the web and I send you a CD that costs nothing. and If you get in touch you may find that the register has some of the cars previous history and that is always interesting!

I am in the midst of building up a SPEEDEX 750, if you would like to get in touch directly my email address is below. I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for the development of the site. For example information that could be of interest to other SPEEDEX owners or of other specials I will attempt to display. If there is anything that is wrong, infringes copyright, slanderous, libellous, none—PC or is just plain silly please let me know for correction.

Material for this site has come from a number of sources. Without sounding like an Oscar winner, I would particularly like to thank and acknowledge Ian Clayton the originator of the SPEEDEX Information Exchange, Ian has also contributed photo’s and SPEEDEX written material. Also many of the older photograph’s, most of the black and white ones particularly, have come from the 750 Motor Clubs Bulletin’s of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. They are gratefully reprinted here with the permission of the Secretary Neil Carr-Jones. Other parts and reprints are shown with permission. Many of the special parts are from Chris Oliver’s extensive collection. Finally thanks to all those SPEEDEX owners or A7 special builders who have added something or kept things interesting with queries!

Now the usual disclaimer! While every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the content of this site any information may not necessarily reflect my own view and is used at the browsers own discretion and responsibility.

Thanks for your interest.

Dave Armstrong