Show Brochures

The Show brochures at first with “Motor for the Million” publication no 306 were quite plain affairs within a slightly coloured drawing on the brown cover and the range in 1923 may just have got a mention as “from stock colours”. It took Mr Nicholson with his 1927 Second edition excellent red pocket books to state “the usual finish is Kingfisher Blue”. So there!

By the late 1920s/early 1930s colours were an artworld dream, literally, as colour printing allowed them to show some of the colours but they ended up too bright with orange tourers and lilac saloons seen in 1931 pub 776. The art dept was let loose just before Christmas 1936 in pub 1472 with the naughty ladies and “palpitating pistons” text that was very soon withdrawn and in December 1472a was “censored” on the Nippy page. Towards the end in 1938/39 the brochures really went cheap with just orange and black “colours” and very limited information.

There are a number of ancillary booklets, leaflets and posters. An odd one in todays terms would be the 1938 commentary for the film short “Here’s to Power” as sound equipment may not have been in every dealers budget. These 10 min films were intended for dealers to entice customers in. They just fitted a single reel camera so were easy to run. The best long film made was “This Progress” which compiled a few of the shorts with a new linking overview of Sir Herbert leafing through an album at his office desk and has a rare section with his own voice then early film of a prototype being driven through a woodland path, which may have been the grounds of Lickey Grange.

Publication Description Year
Publication 306 Motor for the Million 18pp 1922
Publication 306a Motor for the Million 20pp 1923
Publication 306c Motor for the Million 2 orig copies(one signed Davidge) 24pp 1923
Publication for CAV electrics CAV Running Instructions Dynamos, Lighting and Starting 66pp 1923
Publication 306e Motor for the Million Reprinted a7ca 1982 22pp 1924
Publication 565 The Austin Seven 20pp 1926
Publication A7 Club Official Handbook Austin 7 Club Official Handbook + photo of badge) 28pp 1927
Publication 637 The First of its Type 6pp 1928
Publication 700 Full Range 7-20 sepia 38pp 1929
Publication GE bodywork Gordon England bodywork very small brochure 3pp 1929
Publication Zenith Carburettor Hints on fitting and adjusting Zenith Carburettors 26pp 1921
Publication Zenith Carburettor Hints on fitting and adjusting Zenith Carburettors 26pp 1924
Publication 595e French version (Supremacie) 24pp 1927
Publication Lub Notes (Sterns Ltd) Sterns Ltd Lub notes for 7-12-20 24pp 1928
Publication 701 Life-As You Like It fold-out 10pp 1929
Publication Lub Notes (Vacuum Oil) Vacuum Oil Lub notes for 7-12-16-20 (tbc) 38pp 1929
Publication 617h Austin models colours & upholstery 4pp 1931
Publication 730b Sports (Ulster) tri-fold Reprinted a7ca 2012 6pp 1931
Publication 744A Why the Austin Seven Excels 11pp 1931
Publication 776 Austin Seven Comes of Age Reprinted a7ca 2008 20pp 1931
Publication 847 The Pioneer 20pp 1931
Publication 924 Austin models colours & upholstery 4pp 1932
Publication 924C Austin stock colours 16pp 1932
Publication 956A Austin Cars; The Salesman’s Pocket Guide 32pp 1932
Publication 1034 Little Friend of the World foldout 16pp 1933
Publication 924D Austin stock colours 16pp 1933
Publication 924F Austin stock colours 16pp 1933
Publication 1060 The famous A7; green foldout Reprint Stringer 2007 8pp 1934
Publication 1075 Austin Delivery Vans 7-10-12 28pp 1934
Publication 1081 Wings & running boards 12pp 1934
Publication 1206 Britain’s dependable car foldout12pp 1934
Publication 1212 The Austin Seven; (Ruby pictured on cliff-top) Reprinted a7ca 2012 16pp 1934
Publication 924J Austin stock colours 4pp 1934
Publication 982B Car backs- stock colours A3 1p 1934
Publication 982C Car backs- stock colours A4 1p 1934
Publication 1290 Austin full range 7-20 48pp 1935
Publication 1292 As I was going to St Ives Reprinted a7ca 2008 24pp 1935
Publication 1297B Britain’s dependable car 36pp 1935
Publication 1301E-G (German) German edition Modelle 7-10 + Willys Overland prices foldout 22pp 1935
Publication 1311A Austin Vehicles; The Salesman’s Pocket Guide Cars, Vans and Ambulances (1999 facsimile)36pp 1935
Publication 1269 Austin Service Tools (similar to Journals) 75pp 1936
Publication 1402A Austin closed models 7-20 28pp 1936
Publication 1402B Austin closed models 7-20 28pp 1936
Publication 1441A Austin models colours & upholstery 4pp 1936
Publication 1441B Austin models colours & upholstery 4pp 1936
Publication 1447 and e Covers the Country foldout Reprinted a7ca 2004 8pp???? Only 1447E scanned 1936
Publication 1472 Seven Wonders of the World (unclothed ladies!) 20pp 1936
Publication 1472A Seven Wonders of the World (ladies nw clothed!) 20pp 1936
Publication 1441B Austin models colours & upholstery (copy) 4pp 1937
Publication 1539A Seven and Big Seven 20pp 1937
Publication 1539B Seven and Big Seven 20pp 1937
Publication 1574 Put Dependability First 40pp 1937
Publication 1581 Pictorial Austin News 4pp 1937
Publication 1575 Have you shown the Austin Films 4pp 1938
Publication 1584A Vans 7-12 foldout 8pp 1938
Publication 1614 It is excellent to have a giant’s strength 16pp 1938
Publication 1659 Big Seven saloon Forlite- & Sixlite 12pp 1938
Publication 1677/1 Seven saloons & tourers foldout 6pp 1938
Publication 1690 Pictorial Austin News 4pp 1938
Publication silent film commentary 298-1 Here’s to Power(Commentary for silent film short) 2pp 1938
Publication Vans I was behind the times Vans 7-12 Reprinted a7ca 2012 18pp 1938
Publication of suggested spare parts (Seven) Table of suggested stock of spare parts (Seven) 50pp 1939
Publication 931A Type symbols & dating features 23pp 1953
Publication Brochure American Austin American Austin A Brand New Deal. III Parts List ??pp