Ian Dunford

Ian Dunford

Born in Bristol during the 2nd World War, Ian trained as a Naval Architect before heading to sea as an Engineer.

His first seven (still owned by the family) was purchased on his 21st birthday. This purchase eventually led to the forming, with others, of the Bristol Austin Seven Club and the Austin Seven Clubs’ Association – both of which continue to flourish.

A long-time campaigner of using Austin Sevens has seen him clock up over a million miles at the wheels of his Sevens – he continues to use them extensively, at a somewhat sedate pace, today.

Ian’s close working ties with The Austin Seven Centre, Vintage Austin Services and The Seven Workshop over a 40 year period meant that most of his working career has been spent on or with Austin Sevens. His face, what can be seen of it, (once described as being likened to a busted sofa) and legendary circular parting is well known in the fraternity. In the recordings below he takes time out from his ‘beloved garden’ to tell us some of his recollections.

1) How Ian got into Austin Sevens

2) Clubs and Families

3) Like Father like Son

4) Ian and the Seven Workshop

5) Ian on Stanley Edge

6) Adventures using the Seven

7) Using Sevens and trailers today

8) Important people and new owners.