As part of the ongoing expansion of the Online Archive, our next additions come in the form of digitised films which include the Austin Motor Company. See examples of our work below, and if you have a film you could contribute please get in touch.

All that is England

An Austin promotional film showing a tour round the country by many Austin models from the Seven to the Ascot. Cinema promotional film. B/W Sound Running time 20′.

Dealer Showroom 1932

A 1932 Austin promotional film showing an Austin Showroom and extoling the virtues of Austin cars. B/W Sound Running time 9’30”

Cornwall Calling

An Austin promotional film showing the building and journeys of the sailing vessel ‘Ettrick’. Fitted with a ‘Triton’ Marine engine. B/W Sound Running time 15’19”

Signing Off

An Austin promotional film showing many aspects of Longbridge works featuring workers arriving and leaving. Shows around Longbridge works featuring workers arriving and leaving. Much is made of the process of paying the weekly wages. With circa 20,000 employees, average weekly wages appear to be £4/6/6d B/W Sound Running time 7’52”

When the Solder Sets

An Austin promotional film showing all aspects of Austin radiator manufacture. Cinema promotional film. B/W Sound Running time 10’58”

As time goes by

An Austin promotional film showing the social history of the car concluding in “You invest in an Austin” B/W Sound Running time 10′ 40″

Austin Assembly Line 1931/32

Suspected to be only part of an Austin promotional film showing motor car manufacture. B/W Silent running time 9′ 25″

Precision Makes Perfect

Austin promotional film showing accuracy that has to be adhered to when building an Austin car. Cinema promotional film. B/W Sound Running time 10′ 30″

The Pace that Thrills

An Austin promotion film from 1936 showing the design, assembly and racing of the Twin Cam racing car. Film of Brooklands, Isle of Man, Shelsley Walsh, Donnington Park and record breaking attempts. B?W sound. Running time 12’43”

Non-Stop Utility

An Austin promotional film on the many uses of the Austin car as a transport utility and how cars and engines can be used in other ways. B/W Sound Running time 10′ 18″

Over the Hills

An Austin promotional film Lake district endurance in 1939 Austin 8 driven by Thomas Wisdom a famous racing driver & motoring editor of the Daily Herald and J.F. Bramley of The Austin Magazine. Colour Silent running time 11′ 20

Silent and Certain

An Austin promotional film that explains the operatoin and construction of a gearbox. B/W sound Running time 10’00” Very Mr Mr Cholmondley-Warner!

Here’s to Power

An Austin promotional film showing assembly and tyesting of an Austin engine B/W Sound Running time 13’26”!

Here’s to Beauty

An Austin promotional film that covers Austin vehicle body construction from design, prototype, press die creation and construction/assembly. Shows Mk I Ruby body assembly specifically B/W Sound Running time 10′ 00″

Here’s to Comfort

An Austin promotional film about the manufacture of car interiors and body fittings. B/W Sound Running time 10’22”

Steel casting, iron casting and steel forging

An Austin promotional film (part, thereof) showing casting and forging of Austin components. B/W Sound Running time 6’58”

Selective assembly

An Austin promotional film (part thereof) showing how parts of various tolerances are gathered together to assemble various components. Austin 7 engines being shown under test. B/W Sound Running time 6’44”

Body Building and Painting

An Austin promotional film (part thereof) showing body asembly. Detailed shots of RP Saloon assembly B/W Sound Running time 3’35”

1933 Catalogue

An Austin promotional film introducing the 1933 range and encouraging the public to request a brochure from their dealer. Believed to be Brochure 930b B/W Sound Running time 8’28”

The Mighty Atom

An Austin promotional film showing innovative uses of the Austin 7 engine. A classic! B/W Sound Running time 9’37”

Within the White Line

An Austin promotional film showing Austin’s focus on safety. Sponsored by Triplex glass & Chekko brake linings. B/W Sound Running time 10’25”

1929 Ulster TT

Film of the event of unknown origin. Shows highlights of the entire event from initial entrant line up to presentation of winners trophy. B/W Silect Running time 7’22”

Colombo to London in an Austin Van 1937

What appears to be almost a home cine film of a journey made with an Austin 10(?) van from Colombo to London in 1937. Possibly historically important. B/W (some elements in colour) Silent Running time 1hr 10′

Central Australia 1934

A cine film of an anthropological research journey through Central Australia in 1934 made by Prof H.W. Davies. An incomplete film of the journey edited to show transport modes and for brevity. The original film resides in the national film archive of South Australia. Kindly provided by Russell Curtis. B/W Silent Running time 7’45”

Hector McQuarrie travels from Sydney, NSW to Cape York, QLD, New Zealand and the sinking of the S.S. Tahiti

Hector McQuarrie’s travels from Sydney, NSW to Cape York, QLD, journey to New Zealand and the journey ends with the sinking of the Tahiti. By kind permission of the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia and the perseverance of Steve Hainsworth who campaigned tirelessly for 8 years to get the film released. B/W Silent Runnin time 12’03” Further Movietone news film of the Tahiti’s final moments can be seen here

Today in Morocco

Travelogue in Morocco featuring Austin tens. B/W Sound Running time 9′ 20″

It Happened Today

Road safety film by the West Riding Constabulary B/W Sound Running time 20’55”

The Austin Golden Jubilee 1905-1955

A BMC film showing the Austin Fiftieth year celebration’s. Colour Sound Running time 10′ 7″

Tests such as these

A BMC film showing testing to destruction (mid 50’s). B/W Sound Running 9’20”

World on Wheels

Colour film produced by Leyland cars, promotional film. Colour Sound Running time 26’22”

Austin 7 Golden Jubilee

Silect film of the 1972 Longbridge Golden Jubilee Rally. It is planned to add a commentary to this in the future. Running time 9′ 06″

Austin 7 Autocar Review

Autocar Road test of an Austin 7 Ruby, in the style of a modrn test to celebrate 5000 Autocar Road Tests Colour Sound Running time 4’54”

750 MC, Colin Chapman and the ‘Garagistes’

John Snow tells the story of the roots of the British F1 success based on the work of the likes of Colin Chapman, Jack French et al. Colour Sound Running time 8’36”

Stanley Edge After Dinner Talk

1979 South Wales Austin 7 club 30th Anniversary with guest speaker, Stan Edge. The event was a dinner dance held at Miskin Manor and Stan is introduced by Harry Hales. At the end of the film is a few minutes of the 1982 Crofton Park Diamond Jubilee Rally and the award of the Practical Classics Austin 7 competition, presented by Stan. Running time 1hr 12′

Pre War Austin Seven Club Record Runs 1977 1978

30th Anniversary film of the PWA7C record attempts at Goodwood in 1977/78. Still photos and contemporary film of the events with commentary. Running time 1hr 6′

Tophat Restoration

Excellent pictorial record and voice over descripton of the restoration of a Top Hat saloon by Rex Grogan. Real example of how to persevere with a restoration. Running time 18’00”