As part of the ongoing expansion of the Online Archive, our next additions come in the form of digitised films which include the Austin Motor Company. See examples of our work below, and if you have a film you could contribute please get in touch.

“All that is England” 

A 20 minute tour round the country by many Austin models from the Seven to the Ascot. A Cinema promotional film.

“Austin Engines and Gearboxes”

Shows the testing and machining of engine and gearboxes. Mainly Austin ten components. Shot in 1936.

“Cornwall Calling”

Features a boat leaving Rye. Fitted with an Austin seven Triton marine engine however the soundtrack is poor quality.

“Signing off”

Shows around Longbridge works featuring workers arriving and leaving. Also shows staff in many departments and the factory entrance.

“When the Solder Sets”

Shows all aspects of Austin radiator manufacture.

“World on Wheels

Colour film produced by Leyland cars, promotional film.

1929 Ulster TT

Super footage. B/W Silent. Running time 7′ 20″

As time goes by

Austin promotional film – showing the social history of the car concluding in – “You invest in an Austin.” B/W Sound Running time 10′ 40″

Austin assembly line 1931/32

Suspect this is part of an Austin promotional film. B/W Silent running time 9′ 25″

Non-stop utility

An Austin promotional film on the Austin car as a transport utility. B/W Sound Running time 10′ 20

Over the hills

Lake district endurance in 1939 Austin 8 driven by Thomas Wisdom a famous racing driver & motoring editor of the Daily Herald and J.F. Bramley of The Austin Magazine. Colour Silent running time 11′ 20

Precision makes perfect

Austin promotional film. B/W Sound Running time 10′ 30″

Tests such as these

A BMC film showing testing to destruction (mid 50’s). B/W Sound Running 9′ 1″

Today in Morocco

Travelogue in Morocco featuring Austin tens. B/W Sound Running time 9′ 20″

Within the white line

An Austin promotional film showing Austin’s focus on safety. Sponsored by Triplex glass & Chekko brake linings. B/W Sound

The Austin Golden Jubilee 1905-1955

A BMC film showing the Austin Fiftieth year celebration’s. Colour Sound Running time 10′ 7″ Video Tape masters

Colombo to London in an Austin Van 1937